Dear Fellow Travellers, 

We have embarked on a journey to explore the swamps of our minds, to create a fantastic moment in time, one where slugs and spaceships burst like a stellar wave into existence. This project is about creating community, about stretching music-art-performance beyond the confines of our imaginations. We have big ideas, but our resources are exhausted. We want to make our ideas come to life in the most spectacular show, but we need help! We want you to be a part of making this happen, to capture this moment on record, to inspire those who come see the show just as we were inspired by our favorite artists to create it. Because why not! We deserve to make our dreams come true, we want to put blood sweat and tears into it, we want to put all our creative brains together to make something bigger and shinier and with more glitter and music and energy! We love you all, you are all the key to making this rock opera, and with YOU we can unlock the secrets of the swamp.

-Molly Brolin, co-creator of Smile Swamp Princess