New Smile Swamp Princess video 'XXXO'

The intergalactic love rock opera SMILE SWAMP PRINCESS has released a music video for their new single, “XXXO.”

The short film shows the epic Odyssean journey of a lost space cowboy, who crashes onto a strange swamp planet and discovers the source of the planet’s beauty and true love. 

Director Patrick Stephenson carves a parallel sci-fi universe from upstate New York and Vermont with glittering caves and lush blue-green forests, layering dreamy imagery and building delightfully low-fi effects. Especially charismatic is the technicolor Space Cowboy, struggling to survive and make sense of his psychedelic wanderings among slugs.

The teenage-love queries exchanged are catchy and relatable, but here on Swamp Planet, the rich, heartbreaking voice of the Swamp Princess alone will truly make you forget gravity.